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Dear Students,


The MSD topics to be conducted under the consultancy of Assoc. Prof. Cünyeyt Yılmaz are shared below.


Fall 2021-22 MSD Project Topics:

1- Design of a single motor exoskeleton wrist mechanism with virtual environment interaction for rehabilitation. It is aimed to develop an electromechanical system with a unique mechanical structure that allows the wrist to be moved around the desired axis for a rehabilitation purpose.

2- Design of a single-motor wearable robotic mechanism with virtual environment interaction for hand finger rehabilitation. It is aimed to design and develop a single motor system that can open and close the finger or fingers of the hand to be rehabilitated.

3- A humanoid robot manipulator design that can follow the human arm by an image processing method.

4- A lung simulator, which has several types of diseased lung behavior as well as normal lung's.

Other than these project topics, I can also consider the students' project ideas which are within a mechatronic system scope.

Assoc.Prof. Cüneyt Yılmaz