Chair's Word

Welcome to the website of Mechatronics Engineering Department at Yildiz Technical University.


Founded in 2007, the department started its educational activities in 2009. Since then, it offers 30% and 100% English bachelor’s with 60 students accepted in each every year at the Besiktas Campus in Istanbul.  The English preparatory class being compulsory, the number of students enrolled in the bachelor’s program is 575, Master’s program 93 and the doctoral program is 31.  Starting from the 2018-2019 Academic Year, our Bachelor’s program have been revised to fit the MUDEK (Turkish counterpart of ABET) and Bologna standards.  With the revised curriculum, the proportion of laboratory and applied courses have been increased as well as the compulsory fundamental science courses so that graduates gain a more solid background in engineering and become ready for their engineering carrier.  The MUDEK accreditation process is also expected to take place in 2018-2019.


With its idealist and competent 12 faculty members and 8 teaching-research assistants, our department provides a high quality modern education to raise mechatronics engineers for needs of the 21st century. Through this educational process, main focus is to educate students who are able to adapt to international and national needs and have a say in nation’s future. To this end, our department is in close cooperation with many national and international constituents.


In addition to the educational activities, academic members of the department are involved in a number of research projects supported by Turkish Council of Science and Technology, Ministry of Development, Istanbul Development Agency and private sector organizations.  As an outcome of these research projects, a significant number of academic papers, reports and patents are published every year.  In addition, ready-to-commercialize prototype mechatronic systems are also developed for the good of the humanity.


I invite all, who are interested in engineering and wish to have a high quality education, to our department. I would like to state that all research assistants and faculty members in our department will be pleased to answer your questions with regard to mechatronics.


I wish you a successful lifelong career.



Haydar Livatyalı

Ph.D., Prof. and Department Chair