Basic Electrical Experiments

Experimental studies are carried out in order to present electrical and electronics componets, to analyse their behaviors and to investigate various applications.


• Resistors
• Capasitors
• Electrical circuit laws (Ohm ve Kirshof Laws)
• To obtain diode characteristics.
• Rectifier Applications
• Clipper, Clamper ve Voltage multiplexer Applications
• Transistor Characteristics
• Transistor Bias Circuits
• To obtain zener diode characteristics.
• Zener Diode Regulator Circuit
• Class A Amplifier Circuit
• Class B Amplifier Circuit
• RC Phase Shift Oscillator
• Astable multivibrator
• Colpitts Oscillator
• Crystal Oscillator


Advanced Electronic Experiments:

Experimental studies on advanced and more complex electronic circuits  are carried out to develop some simple and usefull applications.


• Alternative current experiments (Serial-Paralel RLC circuits)
• Transformer experiments
• Alternative current experiments (Resonant circuit experiments)
• Thevenin, Norton, Superposition Theorems
• Mesh analysis (Y and Delta Connections)
• Oscillators with Resonant circuits
• Astable Multivibrator with OP-AMPs
• Schmitt Trigger circuit with Transistor
• Schmitt Trigger with OP-AMPs
• Wien Bridge Oscillators
• Astable Multivibrator with Transistors
• Crystal Oscillators with Transistors
• Hartley Oscillators with Transistors
• Klapp Oscillators with Transistors
• Colpitts Oscillators with Transistors
• Square wave oscillator circuits with LM555 integrated circuit
• RC Phase Shift Oscillator with Transistors
• Passive filter circuits (Band Stop, Band Pass, Low Pass, High Pass)
• Band Stop Filter with OP-AMP
• Low Pass Filter with OP-AMP
• High Pass Filter with OP-AMP
• Band Pass Filter with OP-AMP
• DC-DC Converters
• Fixed and Adjustable Regulator Integrated Circuits
• Symmetric Transistor Regulator Circuits
• Fixed and Adjustable Switch Mode Power Source Circuits
• JFET Amplifier Circuits (Self Biased, Voltage Divider Biased)
• EMOS Amplifier Circuits (Feedback Biased, Voltage Divider Biased)
• JFET Amplifier Circuits (Self Biased, Voltage Divider Biased)
• EMOS Amplifier Circuits (Feedback Biased, Self Biased)
• JFET Characteristics
• EMOS Characteristics


Digital Electronics Experimens:
Today, digital electronics  that form the basis of computer technology plays an important role in a wide range of systems such as the simplest  microprocessors and the most comprehensive embedded systems. In the experiments, the basic logic gates, flip-flop structures, digital/analog and analog/digital converters, decoders, multiplexers, comparators, adders and basic digital electronic systems such as sequential logic applications are investigated.



• Number Systems

• Logic Circuits and Gates
• Flip-Flops
• Counter design with Flip-Flops
• Synchronous Counters
• Oscillators
• 7 Segment Displays
• Dotmatrix Displays
• Programmable 4bit Up-Down Counter
• 4 to 16 Decoder/Demultiplexer
• Analog Multiplexer / Demultiplexer
• 4BIT Comparator
• 4BIT Full adder
• Shift Register
• 3 state Buffer
• Analog Switch
• 64 BIT RAM


Industrial Electronics Experiments:

Industrial Electronics Experimental test sets are designed to practice some applications with various types of sensors and valves, relays, contactors, actuators to measure and control the Industrial automation system variables like temperature, pressure, flow, humidity, weight, level, motion and so on.



• Magnetic Relay

• Thermic Relay
• Transistor as a Switch
• RC Time constant
• RL Time constant
• Schmitt Trigger Turn On timer circuit with transistor
• Schmitt Trigger Turn Off timer circuit with transistor
• Long term Delay circuit
• Sequential Circuits
• Investigation of UJT and UJT usage as an oscillator
• Thyristor DC Voltage Operation
• Thyristor AC Voltage Operation
• Stopping the DC Voltage Thyristor with series key
• Stopping the DC Voltage Thyristor with paralel key
• Stopping the DC Voltage Thyristor with capacitive key
• Triggering a thrystor with UJT
• Investigation of diacs and usage as an oscillator
Triac DC Voltage Operation
• Triac AC Voltage Operation
• Triggering a Triac with diac
• Investigation of Quadracs and PUT  usage as an oscillator
• PWM oscillator
• Mechanics Magnetic Sensors (Reed Relay)
• Electronic Magnetic Sensors (Hall Effect Sensor)
• Investigation of NTC (Negative Temperature Coefficient)
• Investigation of PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient)
• Ambient Temperature Control with NTC
• Ambient Temperature Control with PTC
• Investigation of  Photovoltaic Cell - Solar Cell
• Investigation of LDR (Light Dependent Resistance)
• Light control with LDR
• Investigation of photo-diode
• Investigation of photo-transistor
• Light control with photo-transistor
• Investigation of LED (Light Emitting Diode)
• Investigation of IR-diode (Infra-Red)
• Investigation of Optic Couple (Transistor output)
• Investigation of sound sensors
• The Comparator With OP-AMP
• Using sensors with OP-AMP Comparator Circuit
• Fixed DC-DC Converters
• Adjustable DC-DC Converters
• DC-DC buck-boost Converters
• DC-DC Voltage inverting Converters
• DC-AC Converters
• AC-DC Converters
• Investigation of Blinking LED
• Investigation of SMPS (Switch Mode Power Supply)
• DC Motor Control with PWM (Pulse Width Modulation)
• Symmetrical Fed DC Motor Control
• Servo Motor Control
• Step Motor Control


OP-AMP Experiments:
Op-Amps can be used as an electronic circuit element to realize amplifiers, oscillators, regulators, voltage-current conversion, rectification, interface and implementation of various mathematical functions a lot like the process. In the experiments, these features of operational amplifiers are introduced in detail.


• Inverting Amplifier Circuit
• Non-Inverting Amplifier Circuit
• Comparator Circuit
• Chopper Circuit
• Subtraction Circuit
• Voltage-Current Converter Circuit
• Adder Circuit
• Voltage Monitor Circuit
• Half-Wave Rectifier Circuit
• Full-Wave Rectifier Circuit
• Astable Multivibrator
• Logarithmic Amplifier Circuit
• Current-Voltage Converter Circuit
• Instrumentation Amplifier Circuit
• Timer Circuit
• Low Pass Filter circuit
• High Pass Filter circuit
• Band Pass Filter circuit
• Making Offset Setting
• Peak Detector Circuit
• Fixed Voltage Circuit
• Integral Circuit
• Derivative Circuit
• Constant Current Circuit