Biomechatronics, is a well-known field in mechatronics discipline which aims to increase quality of life developing new engineering technologies in the subject of human muscoskeletal systems interaction with robots and artificial organs that can be used as productively as real ones.


It is obvious that the importance of mechatronic systems is rising day by day whereas new developments occur in sensor, actuator technologies and material science and it can easily be observed that the number of use of these sort of systems increases in realistic engineering applications. The most popular application fields in mechatronics science are rehabilitation robotics, artificial organs, neuroprostheses.


In our department’s biomechatronics laboratory,  the main biomechatronics topics currently in the process of researching are rehabilitation robotics and artificial organs, these researches are supported by some companies and research institutes from Japan and several european countries.  Students from our undergraduate and graduate programmes play an active role to achieve considerable improvements in these researches.



Research Members:

Erhan Akdogan, Ph.D.

Mehmet Selcuk Arslan, Ph.D.

Celal Sami Tufekci, Ph.D.

Bariscan Yalcin, Research Assistant