Dynamics and Control of Fluid Conveying Pipes

The problems of axially moving materials are very common in industrial settings. Usually, in addition to the axial movement, an interaction between the solid structure and a surrounding or internal fluid takes place. Practical applications in which such phenomena are found include a paper machine as the paper web interacts with the surrounding air, a band saw and power transmission belts and chains. Another possibility is that the fluid may be moving with respect to the structure. This category covers problems of piping conveying fluid, e.g. oil transmission or cooling pipes. 

Experimental Setup


Common features of axially moving material problems are the instability phenomena that arise as the speed of the moving part is increased. Flutter in a paper web can cause wrinkles or even breaking of the web, leading to costly interruptions in production. An understanding of these instability phenomena and an ability to control them would clearly be of great practical interest.  The aim of this research is to enhance the physical understanding on the dynamics and control of a fluid conveying cantilever pipe by conducting series of theoretical and experimental analyses.




Faruk Yigit, Professor