Magnetic Bearings

Magnetic levitation systems have its own unique characteristics like ; vibration-free and noiseless operation,   not produce dust and chemical waste, operate  in harsh ambient conditions, study of high accuracy and precision in a sustainable place, prevention of corrosion, less maintenance costs, use only the electrical energy to operate. With these aspects, it is used as a key technology in the mass transportation vehicles, non-contact bearing systems, in space research and clean rooms. Placing magnets in the magnetic bearing to overcome gravity is called hybrid structure and reduces the weight and size of the bearing. Unstable hybrid magnetic bearings become stable by the application of the active control. There are two main approaches. The first, direct control the air gap with I-PD  or high performance fuzzy algorithms controller . Another approach is the zero power control methods. Bearing mechanisms driven by linear motor are one of the most important technological approaches in the special media transport. Even the positioning accuracy can provide nano-sizes.



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