Parallel Robots

The dynamic models, kinematics and control of parallel mechanisms are more complicated than serial mechanisms because of their actuators being in parallel form.


These systems are articulated robots that use similar mechanisms for the movement of either the robot on its base, or one or more manipulator arms. Their 'parallel' distinction, as opposed to a serial manipulator, is that the end effector (or 'hand') of this linkage (or 'arm') is connected to its base by a number of (usually three or six) separate and independent linkages working in parallel.


It is obvious that with parallel mechanisms more accurate and precise motion control with more power can be achieved because of their nature of working together in parallel.


Since their first utilization in the 20th century they have been used in different areas like flight simulators and precise machining.


There is long path to accomplish for our country in this topic.




Vasfi Emre Omurlu

Utku Buyuksahin

Ibrahim Yildiz

Ahmet Kirli

Zeynep Ekicioglu Kuzeci