Unmanned Vehicles

The four-rotor helicopter (quadrotors) within Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) , have high mobility capabilities and  the applicability of different control techniques. Therefore, researchers have made considerable research on the subject in recent years. Studies are weighted more control and modeling, also design and communication studies are carried out in the fields. In this study, for the purpose of testing of different control techniques, perform all the design and manufacture of the four-rotor helicopter experimental setup that fixed to the floor and limited / controlled degree of freedom. The applicability and performance of the basic control algorithm with more advanced and complex control algorithms are shown. Limiting degree of the freedom, by independent control the pitch, yaw and deviation movements, though to be examined the effects of the control algorithms more clearly. When designing experiment system, experimental setup was considered with respect to mechanical and mechatronics and also tried to obtain a stable structure in terms of software. The purpose of mechanical design is to ensure that the axes to be controlled independently of each other in fixed floor flight control system. In mechatronics design , electrical connections, electronic circuits, feedback sensors, motors, drives, and micro-controllers come forward  in order to keep system performance high. As software, Matlab & Simulink is used.  The chosen software program stands out with user-friendly interface and hardware integration of the feedback sensors and controller. Three major improvements that following and guiding each other were made.



Dr. Vasfi Emre Ömürlü

Dr. Celâl Sâmi Tüfekçi

Araş.Gör. Ahmet Kırlı